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Project ECHO Background

Project ECHO was launched in 2003 by Sanjeev Arora, M.D., a social innovator and liver disease specialist at the University of New Mexico (“UNM”) Health Sciences Center in Albuquerque, NM.

The initial program was created in response to extremely long waits for hepatitis C care and a lack of specialty clinicians in the state of New Mexico.

Dr. Arora was frustrated that he could serve only a fraction of patients in his state who needed this treatment, so he created a free, virtual clinic and mentored community providers across New Mexico in how to treat the condition.

Since 2003, Project ECHO has been a revolutionary model of tele-mentoring, collaborative medical education, and care management that empowers front-line primary care professionals to provide speciality care to underserved populations who are too far away to effectively access Specialized Medical Services. With telemedical technology rural or remote medical providers can now easily communicate and learn from specialists to better manage care for their patients. 

ECHO provides an easily accessible, interactive, and innovative platform for qualified medical professionals to collaborate with one another, to better serve their patients. 

Technology is always changing and expanding & we believe we can take advantage of these improvements in technology to provide a better overall quality of care for the patients who need it most. This is truly what ECHO is all about. This is what drives us. Promoting medical excellence, through the power of modern day technology. 

How it Works?

ECHO works by linking clinicians together, in a live stream / digital meeting platform called ZOOM. ZOOM features full audio / video communication, as well as PowerPoint presentation functionality. Anyone viewing the ECHO will be able to hear other clinicians speaking and can easily view the presentations shown during the ECHO session. This enables our professional viewers and speakers to effectively communicate and help one another better serve their patients through digital collaboration. 

If you are interested in joining an ECHO session, the first step is getting yourself setup with a ZOOM account. You can click the button below to visit and get started.

Great Lakes LEARNING

The Great Lakes ECHO branch of this innovative new project was formed by Dr. Avery Jackson (Prominent Michigan Neurosurgeon), making us one of the first ECHO providers in the state of Michigan. We are proud to join the national ECHO project to help bring better care to patients across the country using new methods made possible by modern technology. 

Click on Dr. Avery Jackson to learn more about him and his practice,

Michigan Neurosurgical Institute.

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